#6 Queer Performance with Ren Lunicke

Ren Lunicke is originally from Cascadia and has been writing and performing poems and stories, singing, making messes with various visual arts mediums, and creating drama since ze was cute enough that people didn’t care if it was actually good. Most of zir peers grew out of it. Ze did not.

#5 Science with My Dad, Ross Mason

My dad is a scientist, a smallbore rifle shooting enthusiast, a home cook, a past-stay-at-home-dad, and a generally well known and well liked fellow. Ross is a regular attendee at my improv shows and frequent commenter on my Facebook posts. He's also on Twitter now and you should totally tweet him on @rossmason65. 

#3 Comic Art with Jem Yoshioka

Jem Yoshioka is an illustrator and comic artist living in Wellington, New Zealand. Deftly weaving words and pictures together, Jem’s comics tell evocative and emotional stories with themes of belonging, place, and heritage. Jem’s recent work explores the fluidity of her mixed race identity, documenting the challenges, delights and frustrations of being from more than one place at once. Jem

#1 Medieval Combat with Dayna Berghan-Whyman

Dayna lives in Upper Hutt, and works from home, mainly in her pyjamas, as a Contract Data Wrangler. She lives with her husband Phil, daughter Freya, and an incredibly large Norwegian Forest Cat named Tasha.  Dayna’s hobby for the most part of 10+ years has been medieval re-enactment, and the sport of medieval combat...