Conversations during NZ Fringe 2017 about what makes us happy over a cup of tea and a jam scone.

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About the show

Inspired by interview and storytelling podcasts (WTF, Distraction Pieces, What We Talk About When We Talk About), and driven by a desire to create art in the comfort of her own home, award-winning Fringe veteran Jennifer O'Sullivan sits down for 21 one-on-one chats with local and visiting makers and shakers over tea with scones and jam.
Welcoming each guest into her lounge and serving hopefully edible baking, Jennifer hopes to delve into what makes her guests happy - what drives them to create, to critique, to question, and to celebrate.

About the host

Jennifer O'Sullivan (Spirit of the Fringe 2014) is an performer and producer from Wellington, NZ with a long history of making things up as she goes along. As an improv teacher she has travelled nationally and internationally, helping improvisors become fearless and work naturally on stage. As a performer she has been in countless shows (mostly improvised) with many different companies, including the award winning Awkward Threesome (Tastiest Show NZ Fringe 2016) and many more. Former Caffeine and Aspirin producer, and current Watercooler Wgtn host, she's excited about the inevitable improvement of her baking while she spends three weeks talking to some of Wellington's best.

Wait. How am I am supposed to listen to
21 hours of podcasts in three weeks?

Wow, that is quite an undertaking huh? Short answer: you're not! Listen to what grabs you. This is a Fringe project and I don't expect everyone to commit a full hour every day to just this one. The idea is that post-Fringe I continue these interviews but at a much more reasonable pace. Just dip in where you can, and save any that you want to listen to at a later time.